Dinosaur Names that Start with “N”

Check out the alphabetical list of dinosaur names beginning with the letter “N”. We’ll look at dinosaur pictures and discuss what their names mean, as well as learn more about dinosaur facts.

Dinosaurs with names that begin with the letter “N”

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Nambalia is a sauropodomorph (Sauropodomorpha) that existed in modern-day India between 210 and 203 million years ago.

The generic name originates from Nambal, which is close to where the holotype was discovered. Dr. Roy Chowdhuri was honoured with the species name in honour of his contributions to the study of Triassic vertebrates in India.



Nankangia is an oviraptorosaurus from China’s late Cretaceous epoch. Nankangia is derived from the administrative unit of Nankang City, China. Jiangxi Province is mentioned in the genre epithet.


Nanningosaurus is a hadrosaurid dinosaur genus from the upper Late Cretaceous of Guangxi, China.

The generic name alludes to Nanning, which is adjacent to the excavation site. The particular name is derived from the Pinyin da-shi, which means “big stone,” and refers to the locality where the find was made.


The Nanosaurus is a tiny Neornithischia that lived in North America near the end of the Jurassic period. This dinosaur’s generic name relates to its diminutive size. Nanosaurus was most likely a fast-running, agile herbivore.


Nanshiungosaurus was a medium-sized therizinosaurus that existed in what is now China during the Cretaceous epoch. Nanshiungosaurus was a strange creature with a small skull, long neck, hefty torso, and powerful forelimbs armed with huge claws.

The genus name, Nanshiungosaurus, is derived from the Greek and relates to the place of origin, Nanxiong city (sauros, meaning lizard). The particular term, brevispinus, is derived from the Latin brevis and spina (meaning short and spine, respectively), in reference to the vertebral spines’ relative shortness.



Nanuqsaurus is a carnivorous tyrannosaurid theropod from the Late Cretaceous period discovered in 2006 on Alaska’s North Slope.

The genus name Nanuqsaurus is derived from the Inuit term nanuq, which means polar bear (Ursus maritimus), and the Greek word sauros, which means “lizard.” The genre name hoglundi commemorates Forrest Hoglund’s profession in earth sciences as well as his “philanthropic endeavours to benefit cultural institutions.”

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