Dinosaur Names that Start with “C”

Check out the alphabetical list of dinosaur names beginning with the letter “C.” We’ll look at dinosaur pictures and discuss what their names mean, as well as learn more about dinosaur facts.

Dinosaurs with names that begin with the letter “C”

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Caenagnathus is a genus of Oviraptorosaurus from Canada’s Late Cretaceous period. The term Caenagnathus originates from the combination of the Greek words keine (“last”, “new”) and ganthos (“jaw”). It alludes to the toothless lower jaw with a fused symphysis, which reminded the author of the names of contemporary birds, therefore the term “new jaw.” The genre designation is a tribute to Dr. WH Collins, the former head of the Geological Survey of Canada.



Caihong juji was a tiny, duck-sized carnivorous theropod dinosaur. It had a bony crest on its head and feathers that resembled ribbons. The literal meaning of the generic name is “rainbow,” which relates to the well-preserved holotype and the spectrum of fresh information we can gain from it. The species name is derived from the Mandarin words “ju” for “big” and “ji” for “comb,” referring to the bone comb on the skull.


Calamosaurus was a genus of tiny theropod dinosaurs that lived in England’s Lower Cretaceous Wessex Formation during the Barremian epoch. Its name is derived from the Greek words “kalami” meaning reed and “sauros” meaning lizard, thus it translates to “reed lizard”. The genus epithet “foxi” commemorates Fr. William Fox’s bones’ discoverer.


Calamospondylus is a theropod dinosaur genus. It existed during the Early Cretaceous, and fossils of it have been discovered on the Isle of Wight in southern England.
Its name is derived from the Greek words kalamos (“reed”) and spondylos (“vertebra”), which relate to the animal’s slender, delicately constructed vertebrae.


Callovosaurus is a tiny herbivorous dinosaur that lived in today’s England during the Middle Jurassic period. Callovosaurus is derived from the Middle Jurassic Kelovau and the Greek word sauruos (“reptile”, “lizard”).



Camarasaurus was a common sauropod in the late Jurassic period. Its abundant fossils have been discovered in the Morrison Formation, which is located in the western United States.
Lapparent and Zbyszewski described Camarasaurus alenquerensis, which means “Alenquer chamber lizard.” The town is in the Portuguese region of Extremadura.

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