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Fun Facts about Today in History


(December 01, 1955)
Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger and was arrested on this day in 1955, in violation of segregation rules in Montgomery, Alabama, igniting a 381-day bus boycott spearheaded by Martin Luther King, Jr. photo source:


(December 01, 1959)
Twelve countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, declaring the continent a demilitarised zone to be safeguarded for scientific research. photo source:

(December 01, 1988)
The United Nations has declared December 1 as World AIDS Day. photo source:

(December 01, 2000)
Vicente Fox Quesada is sworn in as Mexico's president, marking the country's first peaceful transfer of executive federal authority to an opposition political party after a free and democratic election. photo source:

(Died on December 01, 2020)
Arnie Robinson, American athlete (b. 1948).

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