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Today in History

We may not think much about the historic events that have impacted our country or the world in our daily lives. However, when we take a step back and examine them more closely, we realise how critical they are to everything we do today.

On this day in history, here are some happenings you might not have known about.


(September 30, 1870)
Jean Perrin, a French physicist who studied the Brownian motion of minute particles and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1926, was born. photo source:


(September 30, 1954)
The USS Nautilus, a submarine of the United States Navy, is commissioned as the world's first nuclear-powered ship. photo source:

(September 30, 1966)
Botswana Independence Day.

(September 30, 2016)
After being stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in 2002, two paintings, Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen and View of the Sea at Scheveningen, with a total worth of $100 million, have been found. photo source:

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