July 26: Fun Facts about Today in History

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Learn about the most intriguing events and historical facts that occurred on July 26 throughout history. The 207th day of the Gregorian calendar is July 26th. The Second Continental Congress created a mail system in 1775. Egypt seized the Suez Canal in 1956. Hillary Clinton became the first woman to lead a major party’s presidential ticket in 2016.

Leo is the zodiac sign for July 26. On July 26th, Carl Jung, Mick Jagger, and Kevin Spacey were born. This day is also known as National Coffee Milkshake Day, National Aunt and Uncle Day, and National Chili Dog Day.


(July 26, 1745)
The first recorded match of women's cricket takes place near Guildford, England.


(July 26, 1946)
Aloha Airlines commences operations from Honolulu International Airport.

(July 26, 1951)
The premiere of Walt Disney's 13th animated film, Alice in Wonderland, takes place in London, England, United Kingdom. photo source:

(July 26, 1956)
Following the rejection of the World Bank to fund the construction of the Aswan Dam, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalises the Suez Canal, prompting international outcry.

(July 26, 1963)
The 1963 Skopje earthquake killed about 1,070 people, injured between 3,000 and 4,000, and left over 200,000 people homeless.

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