Dinosaur Names that Start with “G”

Check out the alphabetical list of dinosaur names beginning with the letter “G”. We’ll look at dinosaur pictures and discuss what their names mean, as well as learn more about dinosaur facts.

Dinosaurs with names that begin with the letter “G”

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Galleonosaurus is a kind of small herbivorous dinosaur that lived in what is now Australia during the early Cretaceous period.

Galleonosaurus is derived from the Greek galleon (a sort of sailing ship) and sauros (“reptile”, “lizard”). It relates to the jaw bone’s resemblance to the profile of a galleon. The species epithet commemorates Doris Seegets-Villiers for her contributions to the fossil research at Flat Rocks.



Gallimimus is an ostrich-shaped dinosaur that lived in Late Cretaceous Mongolia. It is the largest known Ornithomimidae representative.

Gallimimus means “chicken mimic,” and it refers to the structure of the anterior cervical vertebrae, which is similar to that of scoring. The species name (bullatus) relates to the peculiar “capsule” placed at the base of the skull; it is derived from the Latin bull, which was a golden capsule worn around the neck by young Roman patricians.


Galvesaurus, or Galveosaurus, is a late Jurassic period brachiosaurid sauropod dinosaur genus.

The Galveosaurus fossils were discovered in the Spanish town of Galve (hence the generic name – “Galve lizard”). Instead, the species was named after the dinosaur’s discoverer, José Mara Herrero.


Gannansaurus is a titanosaur-shaped sauropod that lived in the late Cretaceous period of today’s southern China. It has numerous traits with the early Cretaceous Euhelopus, according to palaeontologists who described its scarce fossils.

Gannansaurus is a genus name that means “Gannan Lizard” – a district in Jiangxi Province. The second part of the scientific name sinensis translates as “Chinese.”


Ganzhousaurus is a Late Cretaceous theropod that lived in modern-day China.

Ganzhousaurus and the species epithet nankangensis both allude to the location of the discovered remains, Ganzhou City and Nankang County, respectively.



Gargoyleosaurus was a four-legged, armoured herbivorous dinosaur that lived in North America during the Upper Jurassic period. Gargoyleosaurus was a small and early ankylosaur representative.

Gargoyleosaurus means “gargoyle lizard” and refers to the likeness of this animal’s skull in profile to a gargoyle (decorative end of the gutter). The species name parkpinorum (formerly parkpini) honours the holotype’s discoverers, J. Parker and T. Pinegar (Carpenter et al., 1998).

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