Dinosaur Names that Start with “J”

Check out the alphabetical list of dinosaur names beginning with the letter “J”. We’ll look at dinosaur pictures and discuss what their names mean, as well as learn more about dinosaur facts.

Dinosaurs with names that begin with the letter “J”

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Jaklapallisaurus is a genus of sauropodomorph (Sauropodomorpha) that lived approximately 210-203 million years ago in what is now India.

Fernando Novas, Martn Ezcurra, Sankar Chatterjee, and TS Kutty described Jaklapallisaurus in 2011. The species Jaklapallisaurus asymmetrica is typical. The generic name is derived from the nearby town of Jaklapalli, where the holotype was discovered. The species name was derived from the talus bone’s obvious asymmetry.



Janenschia is a large herbivorous sauropod dinosaur that lived around 155 million years ago in the Late Jurassic Tendaguru Formation of Lindi Region, Tanzania.

The generic name Janenschia honours Werner Janensch, a prominent German scholar who has led the largest palaeontological digs in history, specifically in Tendaguru, since 1909.


Jaxartosaurus is a kind of hadrosaurid from the Lambeosaurinae group that lived in present-day Kazakhstan during the late Cretaceous period. Riabinin described it in 1939. The name Jaxartosaurus is derived from the Greek sauros and the old name of the river Syr Daria (Jaxartes) (“reptile”, “lizard”).


Jeholosaurus is an Early Cretaceous Period member of the Neornithischia group. It is likely to have been a tiny herbivorous ornithopod.

Jeholosaurus means “Jehol lizard.” Jehol is the traditional name for western Liaoning and northern Hebei (incidentally, it is also the name of a group of geological formations consisting of the Yixian and Jiufotang). The species name (shangyuanensis) also relates to the discovery’s site – the Shangyuan region.


Jeyawati is a monotypic ornithopod genus in the Hadrosauroidea family. Its holotype was discovered in Late Cretaceous sediments in the state of New Mexico. It is made up of both skull and extracranial skeletal components. According to research, these fossils belonged to a single person.

The generic name Jeyawati is derived from the Zuni language, which is spoken by a tribe of North American Indians in New Mexico, and means “polished lips.” Ruga (wrinkled) and oculus (eye) are two Latin words that allude to the lateral surface surrounding the ornithopod’s ornithopods.

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