Interesting Facts about Dinosaurs

We all know dinosaurs as some giant lizards that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. You might have also loved watching Jurrasic Park and thought about what are these creatures? And how were they even living on our planet? You must already know their sizes were so big that we would look like ants to them, and some ad wings too. It is believed that dinosaurs went into extinction after the Earth was hit by a giant meteor, but that’s just a perception. Even scientists are not completely sure about the events that destroyed these giant beasts.

Today we will be exploring the world of dinosaurs and finding some of the most interesting facts about these beasts that you might have never heard before. So, let’s get started!

1: The thriving world of dinosaurs


Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for about 165 million years and then suddenly went extinct. Well, to us, this word suddenly sounds kind of out of proportion because our modern civilization started about 1000 years ago, and when you compare this to the thriving period of dinosaurs, then well, we are not the most successful vertebrate animals to rule the Earth.

2: Life before dinosaurs

Prehistoric crocodile fossil specimen. photo source:

I know you were shocked to find out our life periods versus the millions of years of dinosaurs, but that’s not the most shocking news. Before dinosaurs, Earth was ruled by various land reptiles such as therapsids(mammal-like reptiles), archosaurs (giant lizards), and pelycosaurs. Moving on closer to the dinosaurs period, the fearsome reptiles to rule the Earth 20 million years before dinosaurs were prehistoric crocodiles.

3: The word dinosaur

Richard Owen with a giant moa skeleton. photo source:

The word dinosaur was suggested by an English paleontologist named Richard Owen. The term dinosaurs arise from the Greek word “Deinos” and “Saurus”, where “Deinos” referred to something terrible and “Saurus” means lizard. So, the word dinosaur typically means “terrible lizard”. He suggested the name at a time when so many fossils of dinosaurs were being discovered.

4: The dinosaurs classification

Classification of dinosaurs. photo source:

Well, typically, the dinosaurs have one recognition factor that is some of them are meat-eaters, and some are plant-eaters. But the paleontologists have divided the dinosaurs based on their physical aspects into two branches. One of the branches contains saurischian, who are “lizard-hipped” dinosaurs. The other branch contains ornithischians, who are “bird-hipped” dinosaurs.

Saurischians included both the carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs while ornithischians only contain herbivorous dinosaurs. Another strange fact is that the modern world birds are assumed to be an evolution of saurischians, rather than ornithischians.

5: T-REX, the king dinosaur

T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus)

Tyrannosaurus Rex is believed to be one of the most ferocious and strongest dinosaurs. This dinosaur was deemed as the top predator and the biggest hunter among dinosaurs, it is also known for having the strongest bite ever. Tyrannosaurus Rex is defined as “the king of all dinosaurs”.

6: Our birds are the evolution of dinosaurs

Diversity of theropod dinosaurs. photo source:

According to evidence found from fossils and other research, it was deduced that the birds you now see every day are the evolution of theropod dinosaurs. Theropod dinosaurs were small, feathered dinosaurs who started evolving during the late Jurassic period.

7: Most dinosaurs were plant eaters

Diplodocus dinosaurs – plant eaters

There was a vast diversion of dinosaurs at one side there were the “apex predators” like the Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus. But these were very few as compared to the majority of dinosaurs who were plant-eaters. This is the normal cycle of nature where “meat-lover” animals are fewer in numbers and usually hunt numerous plant-eating animals.

8: Longest dinosaur name

Micropachycephalosaurus hongtuyanensis. photo source:

The longest dinosaur name is Micropachycephalosaurus. This dinosaur was found in China, and well, this name is a mouthful. This weird named dinosaur was a herbivore and existed around 84-71 million years ago.

9: Dinosaurs were not smart

Stegosaurus with small brain.

There’s a popular belief that all dinosaurs were dumb and wouldn’t do anything if they lived now. To some extent, this is correct, as herbivores like Stegosaurus had small brains in comparison to their body size. Apex predators, such as the T-rex, had larger brains than their bodies and were therefore more dangerous. Even the most intelligent dinosaurs possessed the same cognitive capacity as our modern-day ostrich.

10: Modern dinosaur family


Many modern-day animals such as lizards, turtles, snakes, and crocodiles are believed to be the current heritage of ancient dinosaurs.

11: Not every animal was a dinosaur


The term dinosaur only refers to reptiles on land with a specific leg and hip structure to get classified in the two classes. So, according to this definition, some large and impressive genres of such reptiles such as flying Pterosaurs and swimming Plesiosaurs are not dinosaurs.

12: The extinction

Dinosaur extinction.

Many scientists believe that a giant meteor hit the Earth and became the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. The meteor impacted the Yucatán Peninsula 65 million years ago, but it wasn’t a giant fireball that wiped all the dinosaurs in one incident. In reality, the process of extinction carried on for hundreds or thousands of years, destroying the natural environment and causing effects like lack of sunlight, and the resulting lack of vegetation. These impacts led to the destruction of each one of the dinosaurs, and in the end they all perished.

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