Largest Crocodiles in the World

We have all heard of the mighty dinosaurs and reptiles that used to roam the Earth. The ancestors of modern-day reptiles were fierce and enormous and were feared by everyone. In our current modern times, the closest reptiles resembling their ancestors are crocodiles and their cousins, alligators.

It is true that reptiles that used to roam the Earth have now shrunk and are not that huge. But still, the largest of these crocodiles that exist are a force to be reckoned with. So, in today’s article, we will be looking at some of the biggest crocodiles of modern times.

1: Lolong

Lolong Crocodile. (photo source: biologicalmarginalia/tumblr)

Species: Saltwater Crocodile
Location: Philippines
Length/Weight: 6.17 meters/1075 Kg
Current status: Dead

Lolong was the world’s largest crocodile in captivity, standing at 20 feet 3 inches (6.17 metres) and weighing 2,370 pounds (1,075 kilogrammes). He was also the world’s largest crocodile in terms of length from snout to tail. On September 13, 2011, he was apprehended in a Bunawan creek in the Philippines’ province of Agusan del Sur. He was apprehended with the help of the Palawan local government unit, villagers, and crocodile hunters.

Lolong was a saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) found in the Indo-Pacific region. In November 2011, Dr. Adam Britton, an Australian crocodile expert, sedated and measured Lolong in his enclosure, confirming him as the world’s longest crocodile ever caught and held in captivity.

2: Dominator

Dominator crocodile jumping almost as high as the roof a tour boat in the Northern Territory’s Adelaide River. (photo source: Caters News Agency)

Species: Australian Saltwater Crocodile
Location: Northern Territory, Australia
Length/Weight: 6.1 meters/over 1000 Kg
Current status: Alive

Dominator is said to be the world’s second largest crocodile, at 20 feet tall and weighing over a metric tonne. He’s only three inches shorter than Lolong. Dominator has never been formally measured, but he is thought to stand up to 20 feet (6.1 metres) tall and weigh more than a tonne. Brutus, another saltwater colossus, shares his domain with him (Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia).

3: Bujang Senang

Bujang Senang crocodile has a white stripe on its back. (photo source: borneotalk)

Species: Saltwater Crocodile
Location: Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia
Length/Weight: 5.88 meters/over 1000 Kg
Current status: Dead

Bujang Senang was a huge saltwater crocodile that lived on the island of Borneo. Since 1941, the 20-foot white back saltwater crocodile has terrorised the residents of Batang Lupar and beyong, killing a large number of fatalities. There were 14 documented incidents between 1982 and 1992.

On May 21, 1992, Bujang Senang was killed. After the kill, it was discovered that his length had been exaggerated. He measured 19 feet 3 inches (5.88 metres) in length and weighed over a tonne.

4: Brutus

Brutus crocodile.

Species: Australian Saltwater Crocodile
Location: Northern Territory, Australia
Length/Weight: 5.60 meters/~ 1000 Kg
Current status: Alive

Brutus the killer crocodile is thought to be over 80 years old, and he is a popular tourist attraction on Australia’s Adelaide River. “Brutus,” a massive saltwater crocodile, only has three limbs! It is known to frequent the Adelaide River in Australia’s Northern Territory. Following what is believed to have been an encounter with a bull shark in the river’s estuary, Brutus loses his front leg, leaving many people wondering how big the shark was. Brutus is reported to be 5.6 metres (18 feet 4 inches) tall and a tonne in weight.

5: Yai

Yai crocodile. (photo source: ourplnt)

Species: Siamensis x Porosus Hybrid Crocodile
Location: Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, Thailand
Length/Weight: 5.50 – 6 meters/ 1114 Kg
Current status: Alive

The Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo is a crocodile zoo in Thailand’s Samut Prakan Province. The park claims to be home to the world’s largest crocodile in captivity, Yai, who is 5.5 metres long and weighs 1,114 kilogrammes. Yai is a cross between an estuary and a Siamese.

6: Cassius

Cassius crocodile. (photo source: greenislandresort)

Species: Australian Saltwater Crocodile
Location: Queensland, Australia
Length/Weight: 5.48 meters/998 Kg
Current status: Alive

Cassius is an Australian Saltwater Crocodile named after Cassius Clay which was the boxer Mohammad Ali’s natal name. Cassius is also the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity since 2011 and is also Guinness World Record holder for this. This giant crocodile is currently kept at Marineland Melanesia Zoo in Green Island, Queensland. Cassius is thought to be over 110 years old. Cassius was caught in 1987 by Mr. Craig when this crocodile was causing a nuisance by attacking continuous boats.

7: Gomek

Gomek crocodile. (photo source: wikipedia)

Species: Saltwater Crocodile
Location: Papa New Guinea
Length/Weight: 5.42 meters/860 Kg
Current status: Dead

In Papua New Guinea, George Craig caught Gomek, a big saltwater crocodile. Terri and Arthur Jones bought him in 1985 and kept him for five years in Ocala, Florida, before selling him to Florida’s St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. The most remarkable thing about Gomek was his ability to accept people and even perform for the people that visited him in the Park. Gomek died on March 6, 1997 due to heart disease, and at the time of death, he was found to be 5.42 meters in length and weighed about 860 kg.; Wikipedia

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