Fun Facts About Psychologists You May Not Know

Psychology is the science of human behavior. Psychologists use it to find out the reasons for a person acting in a particular manner. It has multiple uses and is an important part of medical science. Here are some fun facts about psychologists you may not know.

  1. A Psychologist can Make You Believe that You Have Committed a Crime that Never took Place

One of the fun facts about psychologists is that they can make the patient believe that he or she has committed a crime that even did not take place. The task of a psychologist is to find out the facts hidden in the person’s mind leading to weird behavior and unexpected reactions. However, mistakes in compiling questions can influence the person subjected to psychological treatments to develop wrong convictions about committing a non-existent crime.

  1. Psychologists believe that Loneliness Could be More Harmful to Health than Smoking and Alcohol Addictions


One of the fun facts about psychologists is that they can be subject to their convictions. Psychologists believe the harmful impacts of prolonged loneliness are more in comparison to smoking and alcohol addictions. Their belief is based on scientific studies that reveal that lonely people run the risk of 50% more premature deaths in comparison to those having a healthy social relationship. The weird part of this is that even the psychologist can become a victim of loneliness in life.

  1. Falling in Love can be a Severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

You may think that love is sublime but psychologists think otherwise. One of the fun facts about psychologists is that they consider people madly in love as crazy and suffering from some Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder. Especially when love is in the early phase its intensities are far greater. It could even lead to the degeneration of normal life. Also, the brain can treat one’s love as similar to an obsession that is also a reason for psychologists taking such a stand.

  1. Men are Less Entertaining than Women

Many psychologists share the opinion that men may be more vocal but they are less entertaining in comparison to women. While this is considered as one of the major fun facts about psychologists that you may not know, it is the result of prolonged dealing by psychologists with both genders. While trying to be humorous a man can easily overlook how others feel about their jokes. On the other hand, women are more sensitive about the feeling of others.

  1. Some Feelings are Uniformly Conveyed

Irrespective of the fact that every human anatomy is unique the psychologists have identified some common feelings in human beings. This concept constitutes one of the fun facts about psychologists. According to them the six common feelings in human nature are happiness, anger, disgust, sorrow, anxiety, and surprise. Busy people remain happier in comparison to others as they do not have to worry all the time about problems in life.

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