November 05: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History

On November 5, learn about the most interesting events and historical facts from across history. In the Gregorian calendar, November 5th is the 309th day. The Vienna State Opera reopened following World War II, and George B. Seldon received the first U.S. patent for the vehicle on this day.

The fifth of November falls under the sign of Scorpio. Vivien Leigh and Kris Jenner were both born on November 5th. National Redhead Day and Bonfire Night are both celebrated today.


(November 05, 1925)
The OGPU, the Soviet Union's secret police, executes secret agent Sidney Reilly, the first "super-spy" of the twentieth century. photo source:


(November 05, 1955) The reconstructed Vienna State Opera reopens with a performance of Beethoven's Fidelio, after being devastated during World War II. photo source:

(November 05, 2007) Chang'e 1, China's first lunar satellite, is launched into orbit around the Moon. photo source:

(November 05, 2007) Google has launched its Android mobile operating system. photo source:

(November 05, 2013)
The Mars Orbiter Mission, India's first interplanetary spacecraft, was launched unmanned. photo source:

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