September 14: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History


Happy Birthday! (September 14, 1769)
Alexander von Humboldt, German geographer and explorer. photo source:


(September 14, 1901)
After being mortally wounded by anarchist Leon Czolgosz on September 6, U.S. President William McKinley passes away, and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt becomes the new leader of the country. photo source:

(September 14, 1985)
The longest bridge in Malaysia, Penang Bridge, is open to traffic, linking the island of Penang to the mainland. photo source:

(September 14, 2000)
Windows Me, which was the successor to Windows 98, was released to retail customers. photo source:

(September 14, 2009)
After a long fight with pancreatic cancer, American dancer and actor Patrick Swayze, who had starred in the box-office hits Dirty Dancing (1987) and Ghost (1990), passed away at age 57. photo source:

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