November 12: Fun Facts about Today in History

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On November 12th, learn about the most interesting events and historical facts from across history. The 316th day of the Gregorian calendar is November 12th. Due to the European debt crisis, Silvio Berlusconi resigned as Prime Minister of Italy; then-US President Jimmy Carter imposed a halt to oil imports from Iran due to the hostage situation; and a team of rock climbers made the first ascent of El Capitan’s The Nose.

The 12th of November falls under the sign of Scorpio. Grace Kelly, Neil Young, and Charles Manson all have November 12th birthdays. It’s National Happy Hour Day today.


(November 12, 1833)
The enormous Leonid meteor shower, which produced hundreds of thousands of meteors in a single night and prompted the first systematic study of meteor showers, was seen all over North America. photo source:


(November 12, 1970)
The Bhola cyclone devastated East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), killing hundreds of thousands of people in the densely populated Ganges-Brahmaputra delta; it was possibly the deadliest tropical cyclone in recorded history and one of the world's largest natural disasters. photo source:

(November 12, 1980)
The NASA space probe Voyager I makes its closest approach to Saturn and takes the first images of its rings. photo source:

(November 12, 1990)
On this day in 1990, about two years after his father, Hirohito, died, Japanese Emperor Akihito was legally enthroned as the 125th direct descendant of Jimmu, Japan's mythical first emperor. photo source:

(November 12, 1990)
Tim Berners-Lee proposes the World Wide Web in an official document. photo source:


(November 12, 1994)
Wilma Rudolph, the first American woman to win three track and field gold medals in a single Olympics, died in Tennessee. photo source:

(November 12, 2018)
Stan Lee, an American comic book writer who worked for Marvel Comics and helped invent such legendary characters and teams as the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men, died at the age of 95. photo source:

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