July 28: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History


(July 28, 1866)
Vinnie Ream, at the age of 18, becomes the first and youngest female artist to be commissioned by the United States government to create an Abraham Lincoln statue.

(July 28, 1915)
The United States begins its occupation of Haiti, which will last 19 years.

(July 28, 1976)
Tangshan is flattened by an earthquake with a magnitude between 7.8 and 8.2 that strikes in the People's Republic of China, killing 242,769 people and wounding 164,851.

(July 28, 1984)
The 1984 Summer Olympics (formally known as the XXIII Olympiad's Summer Olympics) opened in Los Angeles. photo source:

(July 28, 2001)
Ian Thorpe of Australia becomes the first swimmer in history to win six gold medals at a World Aquatics Championships. photo source:

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