December 06: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History

On December 6, learn about the most interesting events and historical facts from across history. The 340th day of the Gregorian calendar is December 6. The first issue of “The Washington Post” was published on this day, and London became the first city in the world to allow licenced taxis. NASA also released photos that revealed the presence of water on Mars.

Sagittarius rules the 6th of December. Johnny Manziel, Sarah Rafferty, and Andrew Cuomo all have famous birthdays. National Gazpacho Day and National Miners Day are both celebrated on December 6.


(December 06, 1921)
The Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed on this day in 1921 by the British government and Irish leaders Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins, and others, establishing the Irish Free State as an independent component of the British Commonwealth. photo source:


(December 06, 1973)
Gerald R. Ford was inaugurated as the United States' vice president, succeeding Spiro T. Agnew, who resigned. photo source:

(December 06, 1999)
The Recording Industry Association of America has filed a lawsuit against Napster, a peer-to-peer file-sharing service, for copyright infringement. photo source:

(December 06, 2006)
NASA published photos taken by the Mars Global Surveyor that indicated the presence of water on Mars was relatively recent. photo source:

(Died on December 06, 2017)
Johnny Hallyday, French singer and actor (b. 1943).

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