Fun Facts about Baotianmansaurus

Baotianmansaurus was a sauropod of average size. This dinosaur’s remains include incomplete thoracic vertebrae, five dorsal ribs (three of which are entire), several vertebrae, half a sacral vertebra, an incomplete anterior caudal vertebra, a portion of the distal end of the scapula, and other unidentified bone pieces. Baotianmansaurus has been described as a member of Titanosauriformes, but it is now considered that it belonged to the more sophisticated Titanosauria.

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1: Baotianmansaurus quick facts:

Name: Baotianmansaurus (Greek for “Baotianman Lizard‭”); pronounced Bow-shan-man-sore-us
When it lived: Late Cretaceous, 99-90 million years ago
Type of dinosaur: Sauropod
Location: China
Habitat: Terrestrial habitats.
Length/Weight: Unknown
Diet: Herbivorous
Distinguishing Characteristics: Baotianmansaurus differed from its relatives in the vertebrae.
Named by: Zhang X. et al. (2009)

2: How do you pronounce ‘Baotianmansaurus’?

The name Baotianmansaurus  should be pronounced “Bow-shan-man-sore-us.”

3: What does the name Baotianmansaurus mean?

The Baotianmansaurus is named for China’s Baotianman National Nature Reserve and the Greek word sauros (“reptile”, “lizard”). The genre designation originates in the province of Henan.

4: What Did Baotianmansaurus Look Like?

Due to the absence of remains, the physical description of the Baotianmansaurus is unknown. However, palaeontologists have identified certain peculiar characteristics of the dinosaur that help us better comprehend it.

Baotianmansaurus. (photo source: cisiopurple/

As a titanosaur, Baotianmansaurus possesses an interesting trait. The middle dorsal vertebrae had relatively short spinous processes, and the anterior caudal vertebrae were significantly shorter than their width. Nonpneumatic are the neural spine of the third dorsal bifid and the ribs. The animal’s caudal vertebrae are convex at the ends as opposed to concave with a short centrum.


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