Fun Facts about Rayososaurus

Rayososaurus was a medium-sized herbivorous sauropod that lived in what is now Argentina around 120 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. Scientists differ on the exact categorization of this sauropod, but it indicates that Rayososaurus is a member of the Rebacchisauridae family. From this dinosaur, a shoulder blade, thigh bone, and part of the fibula were recovered. Another discovery, described in 2004 by Manuel Alfredo Medeiros and Cesar Leandro Schultz, is a set of caudal vertebrae and a pelvic bone.

Rayososaurus. (photo source: EmperorDinobot)

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1: Rayososaurus quick facts:

Name: Rayososaurus (Greek for “Rayoso Lizard”); pronounced Rayo-soh-sau-rus
When it lived: Late Cretaceous, 99-96 million years ago
Type of dinosaur: Sauropod
Location: Argentina
Habitat: Terrestrial.
Length/Weight: 6 meter/NA
Diet: Herbivorous
Distinguishing Characteristics: It resembled the Rebbachisaurus.
Named by: Bonaparte (1996)

2: How do you pronounce ‘Rayososaurus’?

The name Rayososaurus  should be pronounced “Rayo-soh-sau-rus.”

3: What does the name Rayososaurus mean?

Rayososaurus received its generic name from the Rayoso Formation, where its fossils were discovered. The type species is R. agrioensis, which was named in 1996 by the Argentine scientist José Bonaparte. The agrioensis species epithet alludes to the Agrio del Medio locale.

4: What Did Rayososaurus Look Like?

Rayososaurus, a very small sauropod, is regarded to be quite similar to the Rebbachisaurus genus. It was probably about 6 metres in length and little under 2 metres in height. There are a few scattered fossils of the Rebbachisaurid known as Rayososaurus. These fossils are distinct enough from those of other Rebbachisaurids to lend support to the concept that Rayososaurus is its own unique genus.

Rayososaurus dinosaur. (photo source: pinterest)

It is not totally apparent what Rayososaurus would have looked like in terms of its physical appearance. Nevertheless, it shared a lot of characteristics with the Rebbachisaurus.


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