1908 History Events: What Happened in 1908

The global frontier, and indeed the world, continued to shrink in 1908, not far from the turn of the twentieth century. The year 1908 was a watershed point in the history of exploration to the far reaches of the globe.

The historic Nimrod Expedition set off from New Zealand in January. This British expedition, led by Ernest Shackleton, was tasked with discovering the South Pole. Despite the fact that the crew did not complete their aim, they did reach a position south of where no one had gone before. What’s even more surprising is that it was fully sponsored by private donations. On the other side of the globe, American adventurer Frederick Cook claimed to have reached the North Pole in April of this year, but this claim has been challenged for many years. Robert Peary, Cook’s adversary, set sail for the North Pole in July. Both men claim to be the first to reach the North Pole, but their claims have been debunked since they initially made them.

There were other incidents that drew the world closer together, making it seem a little smaller. In March, French aviator Leon Delagrange conducted the first passenger flight, marking a significant milestone in the aviation sector. In March of this year, the first Scout troop in the United Kingdom was created. After Robert Baden-Powell released his Scouting for Boys book, this might be regarded the start of organised Scouting as a boys’ activity. This movement would grow into a global cultural phenomenon, spreading across the globe and passing down ideals and talents that would last generations.

Another historic event occurred when American industrialist Henry Ford built the first Model T vehicle at his factory in Detroit, Michigan. Ford’s Model T will revolutionise the way people travelled and how towns were organised.

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(March 22, 1908)
Louis L'Amour, an American author well known for his well-researched representations of frontier life in his famous westerns, was born.


(April 16, 1908)
In southwestern Utah, the Natural Bridges National Monument was formed.

(April 25, 1908)
North Carolina was the birthplace of Edward R. Murrow, a radio and television broadcaster who was the most important and admired figure in American broadcast journalism during its formative years.

(June 18, 1908)
In the Philippines, the University of the Philippines is founded.

(June 30, 1908)
The Tunguska Event was the greatest impact event in human history, resulting in a tremendous explosion over Eastern Siberia.


(July 25, 1908)
Ajinomoto is established. Kikunae Ikeda of Tokyo Imperial University discovers that monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a significant element in kombu soup stock and patents a method for its production.

(August 08, 1908)
Wilbur Wright flies for the first time on a racetrack in Le Mans, France. It was the first public flight by the Wright Brothers. His maiden flight barely lasted 1 minute 45 seconds. photo source:

Happy Birthday! (August 27, 1908)
Lyndon B. Johnson, American commander and politician, 36th President of the United States. photo source:

(September 16, 1908)
William C. Durant founded the American automotive giant, General Motors Company (GM), which is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. photo source:


(September 22, 1908)
Bulgaria Independence Day.

(December 02, 1908)
At the age of two, Puyi is crowned Emperor of China. photo source:

(December 26, 1908)
The first black heavyweight champion was American boxer Jack Johnson, who beat Australian Tommy Burns in Sydney. photo source:

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