November 24: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History


(November 24, 1642)
Abel Janszoon Tasman, a Dutch explorer who set sail from Batavia (Jakarta) in 1642 to study the feasibility of a sea passage eastward to Chile and to explore New Guinea, skirted the southern beaches of Tasmania. photo source:


(November 24, 1859)
On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection, a book by Charles Darwin, was published. photo source:

(November 24, 1877)
Anna Sewell's lone novel, Black Beauty, was released shortly before her death, and it was the first important animal storey in children's literature. photo source:

(November 24, 1971)
D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane shortly after it took off from Portland, Oregon, and subsequently parachuted out with the ransom money; despite a massive manhunt, he was never recognised or apprehended. photo source:

(Died on November 24, 2019)
Goo Hara, South Korean singer and actress (b. 1991).

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