July 23: Fun Facts about Today in History

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Learn about the most intriguing events and historical facts that occurred on July 23 throughout history. The Gregorian calendar’s 204th day is July 23rd. William Burt patented the first typewriter in 1829. During the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904, the icecream cone was invented. Scientists in the United States cloned 50 mice in 1998.

Leo is the zodiac sign for July 23. On this day, John Hall, Michelle Williams, and Daniel Radcliffe were born. National Gorgeous Grandma Day is celebrated on July 23rd.


(July 23, 1793)
After an 18-week siege, the French troops in Mainz surrendered, and the city was retaken by Prussians, officially ending the Mainz Republic.


(July 23, 1903)
The Ford Motor Company sells its first car, the Ford Model A.1903 Ford Model A. photo source:

(July 23, 1914)
Austria-Hungary presents a list of demands to the Kingdom of Serbia in the form of an ultimatum, demanding that Serbia enable the Austrians to investigate the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Austria declares war on July 28 after Serbia accepts all but one of their requests.

(July 23, 2011)
Amy Winehouse, a British singer-songwriter who won five Grammy Awards for her Motown-inspired Back to Black (2006) but struggled with substance abuse, died at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning.

(July 23, 2012)
Sally Ride, the first American woman to travel in space, passed away at the age of 61.

(Died on July 23, 2017)
John Kundla, American basketball coach (b. 1916).

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