January 16: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History

On January 16, learn about the most interesting events and historical facts that occurred throughout history. The sixteenth day of the Gregorian calendar is January 16th. The Gulf War with Iraq began on this day, Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition reached the South Pole, and the Scottish Parliament ratified the Act of Union, paving the way for the foundation of the United Kingdom.

Capricorn is the zodiac sign for January 16. Kate Moss, FKA Twigs, and Lin-Manuel Miranda all have famous birthdays. The 16th of January is also National Fig Newton Day.


(January 16, 1900)
The Anglo-German Treaty of 1899, in which the United Kingdom relinquishes its claims to the Samoan Islands, is approved by the United States Senate.


(January 16, 1919)
Nebraska becomes the 36th state to ratify the United States Constitution's Eighteenth Amendment. Prohibition is constitutionally mandated in the United States one year later, after three-quarters of the states approve the amendment.

(January 16, 1991)
The Persian Gulf War began on this day in 1991, precipitated by Iraq's takeover of Kuwait in August 1990, with a US-led air offensive against Iraq that lasted until February 28, when a cease-fire was established. photo source:

(January 16, 2006)
Liberia's president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was sworn in as the first woman to be elected president of an African country.

(January 16, 2017)
Eugene Cernan, an American astronaut who was the last person to walk on the Moon in 1972, died at the age of 82. photo source:

(Died on January 16, 2021)
Phil Spector, American record producer, songwriter (b. 1939).

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