February 16: Fun Facts about Today in History

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On February 16, learn about the most interesting historical events and facts that occurred throughout history. In the Gregorian calendar, February 16th is the 47th day. On this day, the NHL postponed an entire season owing to a deadlock in contract negotiations between players and owners, and Halyville, Alabama became the first city to have a 911 emergency telephone service.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign for February 16th. Kim Jong-il and Ice-T are two famous people that were born on February 16th. It’s National Almond Day today.


(February 16, 1923)
British archaeologist Howard Carter broke the seal on King Tutankhamun's burial chamber; his discovery of the tomb the previous year was one of Egyptology's most recognised achievements.


(February 16, 1937)
Wallace Hume Carothers, a chemist at DuPont, invented nylon.

(February 16, 1945)
During World War II, American paratroopers landed on Corregidor Island in the Philippines and regained it from the Japanese within two weeks.

(February 16, 1959)
Fidel Castro became President of Cuba on this day in 1959, after overthrowing dictator General Fulgencio Batista's soldiers and transforming the island country into the Western Hemisphere's first communist state.

(February 16, 2005)
The Kyoto Protocol went into force, which is an international convention aiming at lowering greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

(Died on February 16, 2019)
Bruno Ganz, Swiss actor (b. 1941).

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