February 12: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History

On February 12th, learn about the most interesting events and historical facts that occurred throughout history. The Gregorian calendar’s 43rd day is February 12. The painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch is stolen from the National Gallery of Norway by robbers. Isabella I prohibited Islam in the Crown of Castile. Same-sex couples were granted marriage licences in San Francisco.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign for February 12th. Abraham Lincoln and Christina Ricci both have famous birthdays. It’s National Computer Cleanout Day.


(February 12, 1809)
Charles Darwin, a British naturalist who pioneered the theory of evolution through natural selection, was born.


(February 12, 1818)
Chile legally declared independence from Spain on this day in 1818, the first anniversary of Chile's triumph at Chacabuco, despite the fact that the ultimate victory over the Spanish did not occur until April at the Battle of Maip.

(February 12, 1912)
At the end of the Chinese Revolution, Puyi, the last emperor of China, abdicated.

(February 12, 1934)
Bill Russell, a brilliant defensive centre in NBA history and the first Black coach of a major professional American sports team (the Boston Celtics), was born in the United States.

(February 12, 1994)
The Scream (later recovered), one of multiple versions of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's most renowned artwork, was stolen from the National Gallery in Oslo by thieves.


(February 12, 2019)
The Republic of Macedonia formally changed its name to the Republic of North Macedonia under the conditions of the Prespa Agreement (2018).

(Died on February 12, 2020)
Christie Blatchford, Canadian newspaper columnist, journalist and broadcaster (b. 1951).

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