September 12: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History


Happy Birthday! (September 12, 1494)
Francis I of France. photo source:


(September 12, 1940)
Four teenagers from Montignac, France, discovered the Lascaux cave, which features some of the most amazing artwork from the prehistoric era. photo source:

(September 12, 1953)
Future U.S. president and senator John F. Kennedy wed Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island. photo source:

(September 12, 1959)
The Soviet Union launched Luna 2, which was the first human-made object to make contact with another celestial body and the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon. photo source:

(September 12, 1992)
The 50th Space Shuttle mission, STS-47, was launched by NASA with the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Several famous space travellers, such as Mae Carol Jemison, the first African-American woman in space, Mamoru Mohri, the first Japanese citizen to ride on a US spaceship, and Mark Lee and Jan Davis, the first married pair in orbit, are already on board. photo source:

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