October 15: Fun Facts about Today in History

Today in History


(October 15, 1928)
The airship Graf Zeppelin lands in Lakehurst, New Jersey, the United States, after completing its first transatlantic journey. photo source:

(October 15, 1951)
The early oral contraceptive norethisterone is completed by Mexican scientist Luis E. Miramontes. photo source:

(October 15, 1951)
I Love Lucy premiered on American television, and it quickly became a classic, starring Lucille Ball and her on-screen spouse Desi Arnaz. photo source:

(October 15, 2003)
Shenzhou 5, piloted by Yang Liwei, made 14 orbits around the Earth during the flight's 21-hour duration, making China the third country to launch a crewed spacecraft. photo source:

(Died on October 15, 2018)
Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, philanthropist, owner of the Seattle Seahawks (b. 1953).

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