The Smallest Country in the World

View of St. Peter's Square, Vatican City. photo source:

A country is a geographical territory that is distinguished by its people, culture, language, topography, and other characteristics. In other words, a country is a place that has been designated as a distinct national entity. It is comprised of a wide geographical area with a large population. In different parts of the world, some countries are enormous, and others are small. There is a distinct government and culture in each of these small countries, and several of them are among the world’s wealthiest nations.

Panorama of St Peter’s Square in Vatican City. photo source:

The Smallest Country on Earth

The Vatican City is the world’s smallest country in terms of both area and population, with an area of 0.49km2 (49 hectares) and a population of around 803 people as of 2021. Located in the heart of Rome, the Vatican City State is a self-governing territory governed by the Holy See and administered by the Pope, who is also the bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

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Museums in the Vatican City. photo source:

Did You Know?

  • Vatican City is the only country in the world to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1984).
  • The Vatican Apostolic Library, founded in 1475, is one of the world’s oldest libraries. The collections of the library have been described as “the world’s greatest treasure house of writings at the core of Western tradition.”
  • The Holy See, together with Saudi Arabia, Eswatini (Swaziland), the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brunei, and Oman, is one of the world’s last seven absolute monarchies.
  • The Vatican City State is the only country in the world whose ATMs provide services in the Latin language.

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