The Most Consumed Drink in the World

Drinks play a significant role in human civilization, serving more than just the simple purpose of quenching thirst. In Ancient Greece, drinking at a social gathering was known as a symposium, and the diluted wine served was referred to as hydration. Some meetings may be conducted for the sake of having important discussions, while others are conducted simply to allow participants to enjoy themselves.

The Most Consumed Beverage in the World

The world’s most often consumed drink is water. Most of the Earth’s surface, roughly 71 percent, is covered by water in large bodies of water like oceans and seas, where 97.2 percent of it is saltwater, and only 2.8 percent is fresh. Water is absolutely necessary for human survival. This is why numerous water treatment technologies have been developed, in order to ensure everyone all over the world has access to clean and safe water to drink. In addition to water, many of the world’s beverages are made using various combinations of different water-based ingredients.


Did You Know?

  • Water is an inorganic, clear, tasteless, odourless, and almost colourless chemical liquid that is the primary component of the Earth’s hydrosphere and all known living beings’ fluids.
  • Humans require a specific amount of water each day to survive. Depending on body size, the human body contains between 55% and 78% water.
  • Plasma is 90% water and accounts for more than half of the entire volume of blood.
  • The only planet known to have bodies of liquid water on its surface is Earth.
  • Water is used in the generating of electricity. Hydroelectricity generates around 15% of worldwide electricity and accounts for at least 50% of total electricity generation in more than 35 countries.

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