October 19: Fun Facts about Today in History

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(October 19, 1596)
The Spanish galleon San Felipe sinks in Japan, leading to the martyrdom of 26 Christians the next year. photo source:

(October 19, 1722)
French C. Hopffer, a renowned scientist, patented the world's first automatic fire extinguisher in England in 1722. Before 1722, if a fire broke out at a business, the only thing you could do was get a bucket of water and douse it with it. photo source:

(October 19, 1897)
George M. Pullman, the American manufacturer and developer of the Pullman sleeping car, died. photo source:

(October 19, 1950)
Iran is the first country in the Point Four Program to accept technical help from the United States. photo source:

(October 19, 1960)
Cuba is under a near-total trade ban imposed by the United States. Cuba nationalised US-owned oil refineries without compensation, prompting the US to impose an embargo on everything but food and medicine supplies to the island. photo source:

(October 19, 1974)
Niue becomes a self-governing New Zealand colony. photo source:

(October 19, 1987)
Dow Jones Industrial Average declines by 22%, or 508 points. October 1987 saw a severe decrease in all of the world's twenty-three main markets. photo source:

(Died on October 19, 2017)
Umberto Lenzi, Italian film director (b. 1931).

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