The Unlikely Duo: A Diver and a Fish Dive into a Friendship of Fins

image credit: @elvisthesmallmouth

Forget tail-wagging pups, scuba diver Rex Colubra has swapped his fishing rod for fins and forged a remarkable bond with the unlikeliest of best friends: a smallmouth bass named Elvis. Their underwater love story, filmed in the shimmering depths of a Wisconsin lake, transcends species and bubbles over with heartwarming moments and life-changing lessons.

image credit: @elvisthesmallmouth

Elvis, a plucky bass sporting a “unique mouth disfigurement” – a silent testament to his survival against fishing hooks – was initially drawn to Rex’s gentle presence. Unlike the boats that sliced through his watery world with barbed threats, Rex offered bubbled greetings and fishy treats, turning their encounters into daily underwater adventures.

@elvisthesmallmouth He gave me his best line ❤️ I’m Rex, and this is my good friend, Elvis the smallmouth bass. This same little fella has followed me on 12 separate dives in a huge lake over the course of 13 months (as of 11-20-2022). For those of you wondering, he’s been strangely fascinated by me before I started feeding him, that just sealed the deal. lol He literally follows me into shore to about 10-12” of water. He’s easily ID’d by his unique mouth disfigurement, which is a former fishing injury that ripped the connective tissues in his upper lip. My change of heart: I am THE quintessential “animal guy” and have always loved nature and the outdoors. Used to be a very avid fisherman that lived on the lake and went out almost daily. I went on a snorkeling trip and had the most amazing experience with tons of wild fish. Most of them coming right up to me and some letting me touch them. I was blown away by how intelligent and curious they were. As I was under waves, having this surreal experience, I was noticing that the majority of these fish had horribly disfigured faces. Ripped jaws, hanging lips, large black bruises and swollen mouths. My immediate dumb self response was “oh, there must be some horrible ‘lip disease’ affecting the fish in this lake.” Then I surfaced for air, saw the anglers and made the connection… oh… Since then, I traded my tackle box for goggles and haven’t been happier. I’m all for hunting and fishing for food, when done ethically, do it myself, but there’s no real justification for me to hurt these animals for my amusement anymore. It’s far more rewarding to swim with them. I’m all for personal freedom, and you’re free to choose what you want to do, but this is my choice. Don’t like it? Gfy 😊 #elv#elvisthesmallmouthv#elvisthebassv#elvisthefishs#fishh#ichthyologyi#animalsn#funnyanimalsn#funnyn#funnyvideosn#funnyvideol#hilariousp#fypp#fypp#fypシdy #com#comedyvideosiv#divinge#freedivingo#snorkelingu#scubau#scubadivingv#divelifek#lakesk#lakelifed#underwaterphotographyd#underwatert#naturephotographyt#naturephotot#naturephotost#natureo#biologyo#zoologyo#ilovefish ♬ Duke Of Earl (Re-Recording) – Gene Chandler

But Rex’s journey to becoming Elvis’s best bud wasn’t always sunshine and scales. Before Elvis, Rex, like many, saw fish as prey. It was a single dive, however, that changed everything. Witnessing the intelligence and vibrant lives of these underwater beings, alongside the scars etched by fishing gear, triggered a profound shift in his perspective. The sheer thought of inflicting pain on these fascinating creatures for mere amusement morphed into a deep unease.

image credit: @elvisthesmallmouth

Goggles replaced tackle boxes, and with each shared breath, Rex and Elvis’s friendship blossomed. Their playful dives, captured on Rex’s social media pages (@elvisthesmallmouth on TikTok and @rex_colubra on Instagram), are a testament to the magic of interspecies connection. We see them weave through sun-dappled waters, Elvis a vibrant flash against the blue, Rex’s laughter echoing through the silence, their unspoken bond as clear as the water they share.

This story isn’t just about a man and his fish buddy. It’s a beacon of hope, reminding us that empathy can bloom in the most unexpected places. It’s a call to challenge our preconceptions and see the world not through the lens of domination, but of shared existence. Rex’s transformation is a testament to the power of awareness, a ripple that can inspire others to redefine their relationship with the natural world.

Marine biologist Dr. Anya Singh echoes this sentiment, commenting on Rex’s story: “Seeing someone like Rex connect with aquatic life on such a personal level highlights the importance of responsible fishing practices and understanding the intrinsic value of all creatures, big and small.”

image credit: @elvisthesmallmouth

So, the next time you hear someone say “dogs are man’s best friend,” remember Rex and Elvis. Remember that friendship transcends species, fueled by understanding and respect. Dive deeper, not just into the water, but into the wonder of life around us. You might just find your own extraordinary finned friend waiting in the waves, and in doing so, contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable future for our shared planet.

@elvisthesmallmouth I have a well trained attack fish. He’s the king for a reason. Do not F*CK with us! #elvisthesmallmouth #elvisthebass #elvisthefish #ichthyology #fish #aquarium #animallover #funny #funnyanimals #lol #underwaterphotography #underwater #diving #scuba #scubadiving #snorkeling #freediving #biology #zoology #animalbehaviour #lakes #lakelife #fyp #fypシ ♬ Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Let’s dive into a world where Rex and Elvis’s story is not just an anomaly, but a ripple that becomes a wave of respect and understanding for all creatures, great and small.

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